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The World Transformation Movement Port Lincoln Centre was founded by Ben Moseby to do his bit to help every human on the planet learn about biologist Jeremy Griffith’s life-transforming and world-saving scientific explanation of the human condition — see

“You can apply Jeremy Griffith’s biological explanation of the human condition to any and every situation and it explains it fully. It’s amazing and it will bring sweeping change because it’s science — it is based on understanding, not faith or dogma.” Ben Moseby

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Ben Moseby is a Marine Engineer and Diesel Mechanic who was born and raised in Stirling in the Adelaide Hills. He has been living in Port Lincoln for 20 years.


“You will know that the explanation of the human condition that I have put forward is the true explanation because if we think truthfully about the human condition then it becomes apparent that the ‘instinct vs intellect’ explanation is the completely obvious and fully accountable and thus true explanation for our divisive behaviour. And this obviousness is made abundantly clear by the many great thinkers throughout history who have recognised those instinct vs intellect elements.” Biologist Jeremy Griffith

Watch how the ‘instinct vs intellect’ is the obvious and real explanation of our human condition, as thinkers throughout history evidence, but it required Jeremy Griffith’s ability to explain WHY this conflict occurred.

  • DNA helix and man
  • “Throughout history there has always been someone trying to unravel the subject of the human condition and the ‘instinct vs intellect’ clash that produced it — from religious people like Moses to thinkers like Plato — but they never had all the pieces of the puzzle. It took Jeremy, and the discoveries of science, with its understanding of genes and nerves, to work it out.” Ben Moseby

MUST, MUST WATCH: Craig Conway, the acclaimed British actor, writer, producer and broadcaster — and the founder of WTM North East England Centre — has brought all his skills to bear to produce the ideal introduction to Jeremy Griffith’s explanation of the human condition in this absolutely astonishing, world-changing and world-saving interview with Jeremy. It’s called ‘THE’ Interview because in it Jeremy gives such a concise and accessible summary of his world-saving explanation of the human condition that it’s nothing less than the most important interview of all time!

  • FREEDOM: The End Of The Human Condition

    FREEDOM is the definitive presentation of the biological explanation of the human condition needed for the complete understanding of human behaviour and the ultimate amelioration of all the underlying psychosis in human life.


  • Cover of FREEDOM: The End of the Human Condition by Jeremy Griffith freely available from the World Transformation Movement -

“The sequence of discussion in FREEDOM is so logical and sensible, providing the necessary breakthrough in the critical issue of needing to understand ourselves.”

Dr David J. Chivers, anthropologist and former President of the Primate Society of Great Britain

“What this book effectively does is take humanity from a state of bewilderment about the nature of human existence to a state of profound understanding of our lives. It is a case of having got all the truth up in one go! Truly, this is the book that saves the world!”

Professor Harry Prosen, a former President of the Canadian Psychiatric Association

“I don’t care what question you have, this book will answer it.”

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World Transformation Movement Port Lincoln - left speech marksOnce we’ve reconciled the human condition in ourselves, we can reconnect our real selves with the world and everything in it.World Transformation Movement Port Lincoln - left speech marks
Ben Moseby

WTM Global Network

Alongside the original WTM Centre in Sydney, Australia, World Transformation Movement Centres are being established around the world to help bring to everyone the now desperately needed all-relieving and all-explaining biological understanding of the underlying issue in all of human life of our troubled human condition.

Visit the WTM’s Transformation page to learn more about the formation of these Centres. You can access the following examples of WTM Centre websites by clicking on their images below.

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