Ben Moseby founder of the World Transformation Movement Port Lincoln Centre

Ben Moseby is a Marine Engineer and Diesel Mechanic who was born and raised in Stirling in the Adelaide Hills. After visiting a friend in Port Lincoln, Ben was so impressed by the character and beauty of the town he moved here, over 20 years ago!

“When I was young I was confused by people’s behaviour, so to find Jeremy’s explanation of the human condition and finally put all that confusion and misunderstanding into perspective was a big thing for me. It explains human behaviour so well — that’s when you know there is truth in it.” Ben Moseby

“Prior to coming across Jeremy Griffith’s explanation of the human condition, I thought some people were just born evil or bad, or had an upbringing where there was no chance for them…but Jeremy explains that the human condition is a psychosis that can be healed. That knowledge brings real contentment.” Ben Moseby

Port Lincoln pier at sunrise